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How can I reset my Password?

You can reset your password without contacting the Centralpacs staff. The reset process is a multi-s
tep procedure to ensure that your account cannot be compromised by unauthorised people.

To begin the reset procedure click on the "Forgot Password" link in the header of this page right below the p
assword field. You will be asked to enter your email address, which you specified in the sign up form during your initial registration with Centralpacs.

An email including a reset link will be sent t
o your email address.

After clicking the link a web form will open up and will ask you to enter you new password twice. By submitting this form your old password will become invalid and you can now l
ogin with your newly chosen one. A second email confirming that you password has been changed will be sent to your email account.

Usually, the reset email arrives in under 5 minutes. Please not that
it might be possible that the reset email will arrive in the spam folder of your email account. Please make sure to check this before contacting the Centralpacs staff. The reset link is valid for 24 hours.
If you should not complete the reset process in this time you have to start the process from the beginning.

How can I forward images?

As a normal health care professional you
can request forwarding certain studies via the "Image Request Form" in Centralpacs. To request images log on to Centralpacs and click the "Request Images" link in the upper main menu.

Please fil
l out all fields of the form and click the submit button. We will then transfer the requested images as fast as possible.

As a PACS administrator you are able to forward images to certain destinati
ons without involving any Centralpacs staff. To forward image please select the desired studies from the EasyWeb page an click on the "Forward" button. The following screen will ist all available destinat
ion you are allow to forward to.

Do I need to be a health care professional to use Centralpacs?

Yes, access to Centralpacs will only be granted to health care professionals or
PACS administrators. If you are a private individual seeking access to your own studies, please contact your GP or the respective imaging center.

How can I sign up for using Centralpacs?

Signing up with Centralpacs is very easy and includes the following steps:

Go to www.centralpacs.com and fill out the sign up form on the right hand side. Please make sure to populate all
field before submitting the form.

An email will be sent to the email address specified in the registration form. The email contains a link that opens up a pre populated document including all the in
formation you have entered in the sign up form. Please print out the document, sign it and send it to the address printed on the paper.

Once we have received your application, we process it as soon
as possible. You will receive an email once we granted you access to Centralpacs.

Is Centralpacs secure?

Yes, Centralpacs in located behind the Health Network - a government ap
proved intranet for heath care purposes. On top on that we added our own layer of security preventing unauthorised users from accessing private patient information.

Are you usi ng the Health network?

Yes, the health network is one of two security layers we are using to protect sensitive health data.

Does Centralpacs comply with international health standards?

Yes, Centralpacs fully complies with the DICOM 3.0 standard, whose purpose it is to interchange medical imaging data. For interaction with Medical Information Systems, we also fully support the HL7 standard, which can be used for e. g. medical reports.

Is Centralpacs cleared by the FDA and the CE?

Yes, Centralpacs is FDA, as well as CE cleared and is officially registe
red as a class IIa medical product.

Do you provide alternative online viewers?

By default, Centralpacs comes with an ActiveX Viewer plug-in, which enables the user to view medi
cal images in the web browser. It features a wide variety of tools for radiologists. At the moment we are evaluating alternative online viewers. Please have a look in the "Labs" section of this website an
d try one of our experimental alternatives.

As we are permanently trying to improve Centralpacs, we always welcome your feedback regarding new viewers or other Centralpacs topics.

Which browsers are supported by Centralpacs

The general web interface of Centralpacs can be access with virtually any browser. (e. g. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet Exp
lorer etc.) The online viewer in based in Microsoft ActiveX Technology and is currently only supported by the Internet Explorer.

When I load an Image in the ActiveX Viewer noth ing happens. What do I do wrong?

This behavior can be caused by different facts.

Please make sure to use the Internet Explorer, as other browsers so not support the viewer at this stage.

so, check the browser's security settings if you are allowed to execute ActiveX scripts and make sure that you have installed the viewer's certificate and the plug-in itself. For more information also con
tact your system administrator. Please not that for corporate environments, we also provide an MSI package, which enables network administrators to roll out the plug-in via group policies. This way end-user
s do not require to take care of any extra installtion steps to view images in the web browser.

Can Centralpacs handle large amounts of data?

Yes, Centralpacs can handle sever
al hundred Terabytes of data and is theoretically only limited by the hardware it is running on.

Can I give feedback for Centralpacs?

Yes, of course. As we are always try to i
ncrease the users experience on Centralpacs, we welcome feedback in any form. An easy way to give feedback leads through our feedback form. Simply click the "Feedback" link in the Centralpacs main menu to
open a form that will sent your feedback directly to the Centralpacs staff.

Does Centralpacs support mobile devices?

Yes, Centralpacs supports different mobile devices, on w
hich it offers an alternative mobile interface.

We currently support the iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian operating systems.

To get access to the alternative mobile interfa
ce, pleas make sure to open Centralpacs with the operating systems's native browser and not a third party application.

Wildcard search tips

The two viewers of Centralpacs giv
e you access to huge amout of studies. To make it easier to find the right study there are wildcard parameters you can use.

In the standard viewer, the asterix sign (*) can be used in front, at the e
nd and within the search term to replace any string.

In the advanced viewer, the percentage sign (%) can be used in front, at the end and within the search term to replace any string.
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